Origin Story

As a content creator with a love for food, our founder started a ghost kitchen during the pandemic. She quickly noticed the challenges local restaurants faced when generating a steady flow of word-of-mouth marketing for the business without it taking up too much of their time or money. 

As a content creator herself, she understood the challenges of reaching out to brands for collaborations because you just never know who's open to them. And the struggle to form relationships with brands when working through an agency.

The process of word-of-mouth marketing wasn't as straightforward as other types of marketing techniques like paid ads, and there wasn't a streamlined solution for this.


So, as all entrepreneurs do, she created Collab.

Stacey Manoharan

I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to stay out of my comfort zone. Let's connect.

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Restaurants use Collab to promote their collaboration offers.

Creators view offers that are available to them and redeem them by providing organic marketing through social media posts and reviews.

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